Top 5 Best Keurig Coffee Makers [Insider Reviews Prices]

Top 5 Keurig Coffee Makers, A large portion of the masses associate home-brewed coffee with the infamous Keurig machine.

Keurig (Keurig coffee makers) is now a household name, and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve tasted Keurig brewed coffee before. An estimated 11 million Keurig brewers were sold in 2015 alone.

Since Green Mountain Coffee’s debut of the single serve k-cup pods in 1998, the Keurig infiltrated kitchens around the globe – and for good reason.

The brewer is dangerously efficient. Single cups of coffee can be brewed in a minute or less, and the machine’s extraction parameters are intentionally engineered to brew a balanced cups of joe.

Burnt or watery tasting coffee is a thing of the past! We believe that the best Keurig model is one that suits your lifestyle and taste.

Top Rated In Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig K575

Keurig K575
Keurig coffee makers

Green Mountain Coffee’s Keurig K575 Plus Series model is a coffee brewing power horse.

The K575 embodies all the simplicity Keurig has to offer, but it’s designed with a variety of features. This coffee brewer doesn’t just incorporate a simple interface – it features a simple interface with enough brewing options to suit any situation.

The beauty behind this Keurig coffee makers model rests in the touchscreen. Unlike the K55’s analog button interface, the K575 features a small colored touchscreen. This touchscreen is where you make all brewing decisions.

A digital screen design leaves room for more decisions and features. One of these features is temperature control.

Temperature control options aren’t standard when it comes to automated brewing machines. It’s difficult to make a coffee brewer that can switch temperatures on the fly, but Keurig makes it look like a breeze. Changing temperature gives you option. Options help us adapt and make better coffee!

Along with its five temperature control options, the K575 offers a strength control setting. This feature essentially increases brew time.

If you need a stronger cup in the morning, the Keurig coffee makers will slow down just a bit; this will further extract your brew.

Traditional machines are finicky when it comes to extraction option. With the K575, you can adjust the temperature (hotter extracts more and colder extracts less), select brew strength, and you can also select a high-altitude setting.

To properly brew coffee at higher altitudes, temperature settings usually should be adjusted on any brewer. This Keurig brewer will do that heavy lifting for you.

Another draw of this machine is the size. The water reservoir is 80 ounces! Sure, you’ll have to refill the machine every seven cups or so, but the easy pull out design of the reservoir simplifies the process.

The large design is perfect for the office or the family home.

Automated settings of this brewer include an auto-off feature, an auto brew feature, and hot water on demand.

With eleven different brews sizes, extraction options, and automated features, this machine offers huge value. It will absolutely aid you on your coffee journey!

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Keurig K55

Keurig c k55
Keurig coffee makers

The K55 model from Keurig is a classic.

As with any Keurig coffee makers, single-cup servings of coffee are ready to drink in less than one minute.

This brewer uses the k-cup pod technology, but unlike many of the newer Keurig coffee makers models, the K55 rests in the bare-bones category.

All Keurig models are engineered in a simple fashion, but the K55 embodies the essence of simplicity.

This particular mechanism features a unique, exceptionally simple interface. The user has control over brewing size and the auto-off function (which will be discussed later).

There are three buttons that give the user an option to brew either a six, eight, or ten ounce cups of coffee.

These buttons are big, easily accessible, and easy to understand. Just insert your k-cup pod, place your cup beneath the coffee dispenser, and select your desired coffee size.

If you’ve never operated a Keurig brewer firsthand, know this: Keurig machines are good at taking care of themselves. Indicator lights are featured on this device to provide the user with maintenance reminders and tips.

The K55 interface is designed to give users everything they need. Along with the brew size selection buttons, three indicator lights are integrated into the front panel of the Keurig coffee makers.

These lights provide a reminder to add water volume, a reminder to descale your machine, and there’s also the light that indicates whether your machine is in “heating” mode (pre-brew).

As you can tell, the Keurig coffee makers K55 isn’t quite a “fully automatic” brewer. One must still perform subtle maintenance now and then, and the 48-ounce water reservoir needs to be refilled every so often.

As for energy saving features, the K55 can be programmed to shut down two hours after brewing. All the user needs to do is select the Auto-Off button.

This is a nifty feature for those that work away from their Keurig machine. Many coffee brewers take a while to warm up after being shut down, but the K55 will rapidly heat back up when you need your next cup.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino
Keurig coffee makers

The espresso machine can seem like one of those complex, unreachable feats in coffee. Just finding a machine powerful enough to fully extract a delicate espresso shot is near impossible. Many companies fail to design machines that efficiently extract espresso.

Keurig understands coffee, and just like with the rest of their product line, they delivered.

Keurig’s Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System is a powerful machine that makes complex espresso delivery seem easy.

To the left of the unit is an espresso group head, and on the right is a steam wand section. Yes, Keurig’s Rivo does it all, and it does it well.

The Rivo was intuitively designed for espresso and milk cu ration. It’s powerful, incredibly simple, and born for utility.

To properly extract espresso, you need pressure – a lot of pressure. The standard machine should have at least 8 bars…Keurig’s Rivo has 15 bars of pressure! (bars is a measurement of pressure).

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Due to its powerful design, the Rivo can extract espresso with ease. Poor pressure systems in machines will make espresso shots unbalanced.

If pressure fluctuates too much during the brewing process, unwanted agitation and pulsing will occur. The Rivo’s design bypasses this possibility.

Another way the Rivo shines is in its milk frothing capacities. Like espresso, the milk frothing process needs pressure to produce proper foam.

Because the pressure system in this machine is so powerful, running out of pressure isn’t a problem.

The interface, like all Keurig units, is incredibly easy to operate.

On the front panel of the Rivo are five buttons. Three of them are milk frothing options, and two of the buttons are espresso volume option.

One can choose between Cappuccino, Latte, or Cold-Froth frothing modes. Simply use whatever milk or milk substitute you like, slip it under the steam wand, and select your frothing method.

For espresso, all one needs to do is insert a mug under the group head and select a volume size.

There’s no easier way to brew espresso. The Rivo is expressive and simple.

Keurig K475

Keurig K475
Keurig coffee makers

Being another machine in the Keurig Plus series, the K475 offers an incredible array of option. The ergonomic design of the interface provides enough features to suit anyone.

Keurig’s Plus series models are intuitive. When many think of touchscreens on home appliances, they get skeptical. Most appliance touchscreens are not designed well – they are confusing and cluttered. The K474 however, features a screen that is easy to navigate.

The beautiful color touchscreen illuminates the service of this machine. It provides users with everything they need to extract a balanced, delicious cups of coffee.

Just like the K575, this brewer gives you the option to manipulate the brewing process. Extraction variables are in short supply with many Keurig coffee makers. Most brewers just squirt hot water over coffee grounds.

This isn’t the case with the K475. This brewer offers the user a controlled k-cup brewing environment. One can choose from five different temperature option. Temperature options let the user manipulate brew strength (hotter extracts more and colder extracts less).

Another way to manipulate the brew strength is by selecting the K475’s Strength Control feature. This option increases brewing time. By increasing the brew time, one can further extract the coffee, pulling out more flavor and body.

One could also choose the high altitude setting for further compensation.

This brewer is extremely similar to the K575. Most of the difference between the machines is size.

While the K575 uses an 80 ounce reservoir, the K475 uses one that is 70 ounces.

Another difference is the option to access hot water on demand. Like any Keurig coffee makers, the K475 acts as a hot water reservoir. The K575 lets you access this feature more easily than the K475.

Other than these few differences and the platinum body option for the K575, the machines are almost the same.

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The K475 sports an array of automated features. There is an auto off function and an auto brew function. These options are perfect for those with a schedule or daily routine.

For the ease of access, easy manipulation of brew variables, and automated brewing features, this machine is a great buy.

Keurig K15

Keurig K15 Classic
Keurig coffee makers

Space is a valuable asset. Whether you drink coffee at the office, in the kitchen, or in your bedroom, your coffee maker takes up counter space.

Keurig understands the importance of space. Every Keurig brewer is intentionally designed. Gaudy or excessive aren’t descriptors of any Keurig coffee makers machine.

But when it comes to utilizing space, the K15 Classic brewer wins…hands down.

This machine is perfect for those that enjoy the k-cup experience without the bells and whistles found in many other coffee makers. It fits almost anywhere, and the brewing options are beyond simple.

The user can choose from three brewing options when using this little machine. 6, 8, and 10 ounce brews sizes can be readily brewed.

It may seem too simple for many, but don’t be fooled. The K15 extracts a balanced brew while offering utmost utility.

When going through your brewing routine, there is an indicator section that denotes what is happening in the brewing process.

This section looks like a drawn model of the machine – lights show up on this indicator to basically express what the machine is thinking.

For example, when you open the k-cup hatch, the hatch on the indicator will light up.

For automated machines, indicators are vital. We need to know what the machine is thinking in order to brew efficiently.

Another interesting feature of this machine is the water reservoir. To save space, Keurig brilliantly designed the reservoir to have a single cup volume.

Before each brew, all you need to do is flip open the top of the machine and pour in your desired amount of water (up to 10 ounces). This is perfect for the minimalist.

This coffee maker doesn’t have too many automated features. For some, that’s a plus. It brews coffee when the brew button is selected. It indicates what is happening in the brewing process. It shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity….and that’s about it.

It isn’t as powerful as the run-of-the-mill Keurig. It takes longer to brew, and water heating needs to happen every time.

However, all in all Keurig coffee makers, it’s a device of quality and utility.


Finds a Keurig coffee makers machine that adapts to your lifestyle!

Keurig coffee makers offer a diverse line of coffee brewers. Single brew k-cups are something that changes the way we drink coffee. With this technology, good coffee can be enjoyed at any time in your routine.

Just remember that the best Keurig machine is one that adapts to your routine.

Coffee is a good thing. Don’t let it be a burden!

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